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The "Romantic Wedding" and "Exquisite Wedding" collections have been popular ever since. Every detail shown is Ron Group's sincere wedding furniture and tableware, as well as the recommended of the decoration. I hope it will also become a good choice for you!

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Tablecloth: If you want to highlight the wedding style, because the color block area of the tablecloth at the wedding scene is relatively large, making good use of it can well set off the theme atmosphere. It should be noted that in addition to echoing the style of the wedding, it should also be able to match the form of the dishes.

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Table flowers: Not only decoration, but filling the central part of the wedding scene with table flowers can make the wedding arrangement more layered and look more upscale. Table flowers are usually designed and produced according to the preferences of the couple, wedding theme, space height, table features, etc., and each table should be consistent.
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Tableware: It is a very polite way to use a delicate dinner plate and put a delicate menu. Customized exclusive napkins, creative stacking, ribbon bows used on cutlery and champagne glasses are all to enhance the quality of the wedding. the rule of no two. It is also a good choice to have a small dessert that symbolizes the sweetness of your love when the guests are seated.

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Chair back decoration: chair covers, back gauze, color strips, flowers, etc., the decorative details behind the guest chairs are also a very important part to reflect the texture of the wedding, and the details highlight the nobility of the wedding banquet.
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