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Ron Group is a multinational corporation
specializing in the  Catering and Hospitality industry


Ron Group is a multinational corporation specializing in the  Catering and Hospitality industry. With over 14 years of hands on experience working with some of the worlds biggest   Rest-aurant and Hotel brands globally, we pride ourselves on personalized service and ensuring that our customers are equipped for success. 

With our headquarters based in the centre of the industrial city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China, our team have their finger on the pulse around the clock. Our vast networks and direct industry contacts means you will always be well informed of the latest changes in the Chinese market and live daily updates on the production processes. The biggest benefit of working with Ron Group is that we work harder than any other competitor, to ensure you receive your order as per your expectations the first time, on time, every-time. 

By choosing Ron Group as your sourcing partner, you also benefit from our group buying power from our supply chain of over 4300 customers worldwide, we pass on those massive savin-gs to you. 

1.jpgWorking with Ron Group you can expect :
• Are a professional team who understand the Restaurant industry
• We will negotiate to ensure the best prices and the best product without compromising on quality
• We work with only reputable manufacturers we have established relationships with
• We manage the whole process from sourcing to shipping including all ordering, inspections and combining the packaging and the shipment regardless of how many different manufactur-ers are involved, to minimize costs and risks
• We remove any financial exposure by managing the financial transactions between all parties
• We provide after sales support because we understand the importance of building long and successful relationships.

Our reputation has been established on long standing relationships with our customers by treating them as part of our team so that they can feel the comfort and ease of doing business with us in China as if we were located in their office.

We invite you to contact us and let our team show you how we provide you a more effective, efficient, flexible and economical way to greater success.

Our team is hard working, highly motivated and efficient and remain committed to providing our customers with the best support before, during and after-sales.

1.jpgWith our vast experience working with diverse clientele, we are confident in de-livering customized solutions that meet any of our client’s objectives effectively and efficiently. Our clients include restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, event centers, prestigious membership clubs, hospitals, schools and quick-service food chains. In addition, we have served many satisfied customers in the marine and shipping sector

We carry a wide range of quality hospitality that cater to every customer’s requi-rements and fulfill their operational needs.

We will take every necessary step to keep our customer in the highly satisfied w-ith uncompressed quality.

You can trust Ron Group for all your hospitality needs. Need confirmation of our quality and services? We're happy to put you in contact with any of our local clients in your country, they're more than happy to recommend us. 

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